Lawyer says doctor's billing to Medicare suggests high drug expense

Lawyer says doctor's billing to Medicare suggests high drug expenseRecently is very affluent doctor based in Florida has been raided by the FBI. He had just recently allowed a U. S. senator to fly in his privately owned jet plane too. He is now being scrutinised for accepting money from the Medicare program, which is a taxpayer-funded health scheme, more than any other practicing doctor around.

Federal health officials have released data last week which suggest that Dr. Salomon Melgen, a South Florida ophthalmologist, got close to $21 million in the year 2012 from the taxpayer-funded Medicare program which is way above any other doctor in the whole nation.

Despite these findings the doctor in question has not been alleged for indulging in any other acts of wrongdoing.

Kirk Ogrosky, who is Melgen's attorney, stated that the doctor's billing structure did follow all the rules outlined by the Medicare. It is therefore suggestive of extremely high drug costs noting down that several hundred patients visit him every week for consultation owing to his reputation.

Melgen is, however, keeping away from the media glare since the time his earnings came under scrutiny with Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey. He had ended up paying the doctor a sum over $70,000 for his flights to and from the Dominican Republic.

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