KIA’s fully-electric EV6 comes with imposing external and internal specs

KIA’s fully-electric EV6 comes with imposing external and internal specs

South Korea-headquartered multinational automotive manufacturer KIA Motors Corporation has revealed its first dedicated electric car based on the company’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). The upcoming first dedicated fully-electric car, dubbed the Kia EV6, has been revealed ahead of its world premiere later this month during a special online event.

Based on E-GMP, the EV6 allows building EVs with really strong specs, including a long-range of 500 km (roughly 311 miles) on single charge, ultra-fast charging capability (replenishing 100 km or 62 miles of range in just 4 minutes) and acceleration of 0-100 km/h in merely 3 seconds. The exact specs of the new EV are yet to be made public.

The Kia EV6 is a collaborative effort among all the company’s three global design studios, which are situated in Namyang (Korea), Frankfurt (Germany), and Irvine (USA). The innovative design is based on the philosophy of “Opposites United” that relies on five key elements: ‘Bold for Nature,’ ‘Joy for Reason,’ ‘Tension for Serenity,’ Power to Progress,’ and ‘Technology for Life.’

Describing "Bold for Nature,” the manufacturer states, “This design pillar creates organic, yet technical structures and finishes for vehicle interiors; exterior designs are characterized by a combination of clear and simple lines with bold, ever-changing surfaces.”

In terms of exterior design, the EV6 features a compact size car with a crossover-inspired design aesthetic, which makes it look not only modern but also sleek and aerodynamic. Key details include distinguishing daytime running lights, low air intake in the front, with air flow optimization, sharp lines and swept-back windshield, bold rear haunches, and hidden door handles.

When it comes to interior, the EV6 is very spacious. It has a curved high-definition (HD) audio-visual & navigation (AVN) screen. Under the AVN screen, there are haptic ‘buttons’ for controlling and setting heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Below the panel, the dashboard slopes away towards the front of the EV, creating more space for the front-seat passengers.

While buttons and knobs have significantly been limited, the steering wheel of the new EV features multiple buttons that will reportedly be very useful for the driver to control some of the most imperative functions. Clad in robust fabrics, the seats are modern, lightweight and slim.

The rear displays sloping C-pillar with an integrated black glossy insert that visually extends the window glass. But, it is the roof spoiler that channels air down towards a raised lower spoiler that sits atop the EV’s unique rear light cluster.

The design and specs of the KIA EV6 are positively surprising. More details will be released at the EV’s world premiere later this month.

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