'Khadi' becoming less popular in Gujarat

'Khadi' becoming less popular in GujaratAhmedabad, March 30 : Handspun cotton popularly known as 'Khadi' is becoming less popular among political parities in Gujarat.

Khadi had emblematic status during India's freedom struggle. Gujarat is one of the hubs of Khadi outlets in the country.

With the coming of the elections, the shopkeepers believe that that election would make up for their declining trade which has been already affected by the economic slowdown.

The shop owners are claim that as compared to previous years this time the business has gone down by 10 to 15 percent.

"As it happens normally that with the coming of election, the sale of the Khadi rises. But nothing of that sort is happening in my three shops. No politicians come here to buy Khadi, if they come the sale will be good. Last year, we sold for 14 lakhs but this time it has come down to 11 lakhs. In the Gandhi road shop, the sale of the Khadi was eight lakh in the previous year, this year the sale has gone down at five lakhs, " said Jayantibhai Shah, managing trustee of Khadi Mandir.

One of the customers said that the price and the simplicity of the style also played a role in Khadi losing its popularity.

"The sale is not picking up as Khadi is little costlier. And there is no politician to promote Khadi. More than that, the style that we get in Khadi material is simple, not stylish enough to attract. That is why people avoid Khadi," said Sudhir Shah, a customer.

In 2007 the Khadi sale was worth Rs. 2.85 crore which has come down to Rs. 2.55crore in 2008. (ANI)