Katy Perry reveals her parents’ ‘wild past’

Katy PerryWashington, Feb 4 : Katy Perry, who is known for her crazy antics, has revealed that her religious parents are the real wild ones.

"My parents have stories. They probably have better stories than I do," CBS News quoted Katy, as telling in an interview on Katie Couric''s "All Access" Grammy Special.

Katy even revealed that her mother dated rock legend Jimi Hendrix and her father hung around with 60's counterculture icon, Timothy Leary.

"He was part of the Strawberry Fields Forever," she said about her father.

"[But] they found God, you know? They needed to find God. Not that they needed to find God, God found them, really," she added.

Katy, who grew up listening to the soundtracks of films such as "Sister Act" - 1 and 2 - and "The Preacher's Wife,", has been nominated for Best Pop Vocalist for her controversial chart-topper, "I Kissed a Girl". (ANI)