Jordan's king to visit Saudi Wednesday for peace-moving talks

Jordan's king to visit Saudi Wednesday for peace-moving talks Amman- Jordan's King Abdullah II is to visit Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for talks on efforts to relaunch "serious talks" between Israel and the Palestinians on the basis of the two-state solution, the royal court announced Tuesday. The Jordanian head of state plans to brief Saudi King Abdullah on "the outcome of his talks last week with US President Barack Obama on the mechanism for the required immediate moves to relaunch the negotiations in accordance with the approved references, particularly the Arab peace initiative", the royal court said in a statement.

The Jordanian monarch met Obama at the White House on April 21 as representative for Arab countries. Both leaders expressed strong support for the two-state solution that envisages the creation of an independent Palestinian state that lives in peace with Israel.

During the meeting, Obama supported the Arab peace blueprint which offers Israel recognition by all Arab states if it quits all Arab territories it occupied in the 1967 Six-Day War, including East Jerusalem.

Jordanian editorialists suggested on Tuesday that King Abdullah's trip to Saudi Arabia would seek mustering world support for an Arab move to put pressure on the right-wing Israeli government to accept the two-state solution.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so far failed to endorse the two-state vision and instead offered Palestinians "economic peace".(dpa)

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