Jessica Simpson hits back at weight gain criticism

Washington, Feb 12 : Pop singer Jessica Simpson has hit back at the criticism surrounding her recent weight gain, insisting that she's happy the way she is.

In an interview to CBS'' The Early Show, the 28-year-old singer, even though not directly, talked about her much-scrutinized weight gain when the anchor mentioned all the support she's been receiving from fans.

"Honestly, I am right where I''m supposed to be. I am so happy," Usmagazine quoted Simpson as saying.

"Everything''s really great. It''s all about keeping the faith. That''s why I pray out loud," she added.

Meanwhile, Simpson and beau Tony Romo have shot down rumours of drifting away after the couple were spotted spending a cozy evening together.

The pair was recently seen thinning out the distance at the Great Dane Pub in Madison, after Simpson''s concert opening for the Rascal Flatts tour. (ANI)