Jessica Biel took dad on one of her dates

Jessica BielNew Delhi, November 17 : Actress Jessica Biel has revealed that she has once taken her father on one of her dates, which was meant for a good cause.

The former model, who had participated in a charity event where she had auctioned her company, said that she made her dad tag along for some support while she went out with the highest bidder, reports the China Daily.

She said: “It was a little bit awkward, kind of uncomfortable but luckily the guy was very cool.

She added: “I brought my dad with me just in case anything got weird he was sitting in the next booth staring daggers at the poor guy but he was a really completely harmless gentleman."

The ‘Summer Catch’ star helped raise medical funds for a Colorado teen Molly Bloom, who was injured in an auto accident in 2006.

The winner, John Schiffner, had paid 30,000 dollars for an evening at Denver''s The Palm restaurant with the actress. (ANI)