Jayalalitha warns Karunanidhi not to underestimate Third Front

Jayalalitha warns Karunanidhi not to underestimate Third FrontChennai, Mar. 16 : Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha has warned state Chief Minister Karunanidhi not to underestimate the strength of the newly launched ''Third Front''.

She slammed Tamil Nadu Chief for his remark calling the Third Front as the third eye.

"I would like to point out to Mr. Karunaidhi that when people speak of third eye it usually refers to third eye in the forehead of lord Shiva. I would like to impress upon Mr Karunaidhi that for sinners and wrong doers like himself, they are safe as long the third eye remains closed. Once the third eye opens it reduces wrong doers and those standing in front to ashes. So, Mr. Karunaidhi would be wise not to refer to third eye," Jayalalitha said.

AIDMK chief Jayalalitha is yet to open her cards about joining the Third Front.

Meanwhile, expressing her concern about the plight of innocent Tamils caught in the cross fire in Sri Lanka, Jayalaitha also handed over a donation to the Red Cross society.

"We have collected funds from the public to the extent of rupees two crores and 11 lakh (21 million rupees approx) towards providing relief to Sri Lankan Tamil people who are suffering in the war zone in Sri Lanka," Jayalalitha told reporters in southern Chennai.

Francois Stamm, head of the regional delegation international committee of the Red Cross accepted the donation.

"This money will be used to fund our humanitarian operations in the valley in Sri Lanka where .. Is the only organization that is operational in the particular region and has been particularly active in the last few weeks. Since the fighting has erupted again and we will be most grateful to use this donation to fund our operations in this region," Stamm said.

The national election is to be held from April 16 to May 13. Votes will be counted on May 16. (ANI)