Japan to Restart Its Whaling Program
Japan to Restart Its Whaling Program

Despite a ruling by the International Court of Justice and the International Whaling Commission to put a ban on whale hunt, Japan has announced that it will resume its whaling program, now called NEWREP-A.

According to Japanese officials, their whaling program has a scientific perspective, but the international authorities have ruled that they have no scientific reason to slaughter marine mammals.

The worldwide outrage arrives among numerous efforts to protect whale species throughout the world that are still facing issues such as climate change and overfishing.

Several conservationists all over the world have been furious after it was found that a Japanese fleet has left for the Antarctic on December 1, 2015, for a mission to kill hundreds of minke whales.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) after seeing the rising concerns surrounding commercial whaling and the declining population of whale all over the world ruled to ban the practice of whaling back in 1986.

But under the exemption of research, Japan kept on hunting down and killing marine mammals. Those conducted under scientific purposes had a different permission, but it was still required.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the judicial department of the United Nations decided on March 2014 that the whaling program Japan considered was commercial and, thus, is illegal.

Japan failed to provide enough evidence to support its point that its whaling program has scientific aim and thus their efforts to kill whales appeared to be unnecessary.

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