‘Japan ready to mediate between US, Iran on nuclear issue’

Tehran, Nov 13: Japan is ready to mediate between the United States and Iran to help resolve the standoff with the West over the latter’s nuclear programme, according to the president of the Japanese Centre for International Public Policy Studies.

Pointing out that imposing sanctions on Iran would not be in Japan’s national interests, Naoki Tanaka said that as Tokyo has good relations with both Tehran and Washington, it has the potential to mediate between the two sides to help resolve the differences over the nuclear issue.

Emphasising that Iran has the inalienable right to utilize nuclear technology, Tanaka expressed regret over certain powers’ double standards toward Tehran’s nuclear dossier.

The Tehran Times quoted him as saying that negotiation is the only way to resolve the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.

He further called for establishment of a neutral international organization tasked with “eliminating nuclear weapons” and supporting peaceful nuclear studies of the world’s scientists, without any political biases.

The leaders of the US, Russia, and other world powers should know that no matter how advanced their military equipment is, they should not give up searching for a diplomatic settlement of the nuclear row, he said, adding: “Power without wisdom is destructive. ”

He went on to say that Japan was interested in expanding its relations with the Islamic Republic, but UN Security Council resolutions and the United States’ unilateral sanctions against Iran were the major obstacles blocking efforts to develop bilateral relations.

“I know that over the course of history, the Iranian nation has repeatedly witnessed the betrayal of European countries, including the 5+1 group, ” he said.

Predicting a bright future for the two countries’ scientific advancement through peaceful nuclear cooperation, Tanaka said Japan considers Iran a friendly state and making use of Tehran’s energy resources was a priority for Japan. (ANI)