JAC Volkswagen’s EV brand SOL launches its first model -- E20X electric SUV

JAC Volkswagen’s EV brand SOL launches its first model -- E20X electric SUV

In a recent announcement, Chinese joint venture JAC Volkswagen has said that it has launched the first model of its SOL electric brand --- the E20X electric SUV -- on the market.

The cost of the new SOL brand E20X model starts at approximately 128,000 RMB (EUR 16,450) after subsidies. The vehicle is also available in a higher version, priced at 138,000 RMB (EUR17,730 euro) after subsidies.

The market launch of the E20X electric SUV has been announced by JAC Volkswagen after a delay of more than a year. The series version of the vehicle was introduced by Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess in April 2018, at the Beijing Motor Show. The vehicle was originally scheduled for launch in the second half of 2018.

The E20X is a 4.13 metre long electric SUV, which has a design fairly similar to that of the Seat. Some of the noteworthy features of the vehicle include a keyless entry system, a fully digital instrument display, and an eight-inch display in the centre console.

The key technical data of the E20X -- after some revisions resulting from the delayed market launch -- include 92 kW engine output, and a 49.5 kWh Lishen battery pack with round cells. The electric SUV will have 402 km driving range, according to the Chinese standard. The charging connections of the vehicle have been positioned at the front. The vehicle can achieve 80% of its charging capacity in 50 minutes.