Ireland seeks stronger business, trade ties with Japan

Ireland seeks stronger business, trade ties with Japan Tokyo - Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen on Wednesday urged Japan to make a stronger business and trade commitment to Ireland amid the global financial crisis, news reports said.

Cowen brought with him a trade mission of about 70 companies from Ireland to Tokyo for a six-day visit, along with Irish Trade and Commerce Minister John McGuinness.

"Ireland has a strong economic future beyond the present temporary difficulties by trying the right policies now," Cowen was quoted by Kyodo News Agency as saying at a press conference in Tokyo.

The Irish prime minister said he hoped collaboration with the Japanese business industry would play a key part in Ireland's future.

The trade mission has "yielded an additional 46 million euros (61 million dollars) in export sales to Japan by Irish-owned companies" and commitments of an additional 150 jobs to be created by Japanese companies in Ireland, Kyodo quoted Cowen as saying. (dpa)

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