Infosys announces Free Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI Certification Training

Infosys announces Free Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI Certification Training

Technology major Infosys has announced free artificial intelligence (AI) training program under Infosys Springboard initiative. Learners will be able to improve their skills in different AI segments like generative AI, deep learning, natural language processing and many more. Infosys will reward certificate on completion of the courses, provided by Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform. Infosys is well-respected in tech circles and a certificate from Infosys will surely increase credibility for a candidate to find jobs related to AI.

As per official statement issued by Infosys, “Infosys will provide certification in AI and Generative AI skills, crucial for landing jobs, through Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform.”

Artificial Intelligence has gained prominence in 2023 after launch of ChatGPT, Google BARD and LLaMA from Facebook (META). The AI revolution is still in its initial stages but technology experts believe that this is the new growth segment for tech companies. Technology sector is ever-evolving and people related to this segment have to continuously improve their skills to remain relevant. AI has potential to change the way we browse internet, search for products, order our meals and many other aspects of our daily life. ChatGPT has also shown its skills in selecting stocks to invest in and in certain cases, it has proven to be better than humans picking up stocks for investment. As per Goldman Sachs report, AI could replace nearly 300 million full-time jobs in the coming years.

Infosys will also offer advanced masterclass on AI, discussing the future of AI and how it can change the way we conduct business. It will be offering an overview of how generative AI can impact different industries. The technology major is also offering one more course named ‘Citizens Data Science’ which will comprehensive coverage of essential disciplines within data science. The course will include linear algebra, statistics, data analysis and Python programming.

Talking about the AI learning initiate of Infosys, Thirumala Arohi, SVP and Head-Education, Training and Assessment at Infosys said, “We firmly believe that AI proficiency will give young aspirants and professionals a competitive advantage in a dynamic and demanding job market.”

Infosys has been involved with AI long before it became the hot topic. In 2015, Infosys, Amazon AWS, Elon Musk and other investors collectively donated $1 billion to OpenAI (the company that launched ChatGPT) for developing artificial intelligence-based models. OpenAI is currently one of the most influential AI startups. Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani recently announced that he would offer $38 million donation to IIT Bombay for research in AI.

Infosys has launched an AI-focused platform with 12,000 use cases named Topaz. The platform offers solutions for intelligent automation and AI-driven customer service. Many businesses are looking for means to adopt AI-based systems in their day to day operations but for many decision makers it isn’t clear how AI can be used. Infosys Topaz solves that problem with its use case driven approach to help businesses adopt open-source LLMs to save costs, improve efficiency and grow.

Announcing the courses, Infosys added that the certification comprises a diverse range of courses encompassing a wide array of AI-related topics. These courses include an introductory module on AI and Generative AI, which emphasizes deep learning and natural language processing. Moreover, participants can engage in a masterclass dedicated to exploring the impact of Generative AI, with a particular focus on prompt engineering and AI-first software engineering. To further enhance their skills, learners can opt for a tailored course on 'Citizens Data Science,' which covers essential aspects of the data science field such as python programming, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and exploratory data analysis.

Infosys Springboard has over 5.5 million registered users and the platform offers many courses for technology workers to improve their skills. In line with its ESG Vision 2030, Infosys aims to enable digital skills at scale and empower over 10 million people in India through the Infosys Springboard program. Springboard has specific programs for India, United States, Europe and Australia.

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