Indian startup Raptee Energy all set to release E-Moto bike in April 2024

Indian startup Raptee Energy all set to release E-Moto bike in April 2024

Potentially revolutionizing the Indian electric motorcycle landscape, Raptee Energy is poised to officially release its eagerly anticipated E-Moto bike in April this year, marking a significant leap in the country's burgeoning electric two-wheeler market.

Raptee Energy, an Indian startup that is emerging as a key player in the Asian country’s dynamic electric mobility sector, is increasingly making its presence felt by unveiling diverse electric innovations. Its latest masterpiece is E-Moto bike. Introducing its cutting-edge creation at the Global Investors Meet (GIM) in the India state of Tamil Nadu, the startup showcased an unnamed electric motorcycle, and referred to it as the Raptee Electric Motorcycle.

The GIM appearance featured a captivating "transparent" display, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of the battery-powered bike, highlighting its innovative design in addition to its technological prowess.

The Raptee Electric Motorcycle boasts an imposing performance profile, with a claimed top speed of 135 kilometers per hour (km/h) or 84 miles per hour (mph). When it comes to range, the manufacturer claims that it can cover a distance of 150 kilometers or 93 miles on a single charge. The company also highlighted charging convenience, as the bike can recharge up to 80 per cent in merely 45 minutes using CCS2 charging stations, a feature tailored to the country’s tightly woven urban streets.

The e-bike in question is also quite impressive in terms of acceleration, as it has the ability to sprint from standstill to 60 km/h or 37 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Thus, it aligns with the specifications of premium mid-size gasoline-powered bikes in the fast-growing Indian market.

The startup is gearing up for mass production of the E-Moto at its spacious factory in Chennai, sprawling across more than four acres and requiring an investment of approx. 850 million rupees (equivalent to US$10 million). The facility, which includes a Research & Development (R&D) center for future advancements, is projected to produce as many as 100,000 units per annum. The startup also claims that the upcoming electric motorcycle will be able to capture the market's attention with a special focus on the younger generation of riders.

As the launch date draws near, expectations are high that Raptee's electric marvel will make its debut in April 2024, entering the market with a blend of style, performance, and affordability. Pricing and other details are expected to be announced ahead of the bike’s release.

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