Indian EV maker DELTIC announces plans to open at least 500 dealerships by end of FY22

Indian EV maker DELTIC announces plans to open at least 500 dealerships by end of FY22

Delta Autocorp LLP (DELTIC), a fast-expanding Indian electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has announced plans to stretch its feet further by opening more dealerships across the country.

The Kolkata, West Bengal-headquartered EV manufacturer announced that it has plans to cross the mark of five hundred (500) dealerships before the end of FY22 across India.

The manufacturer explained that it will focus on rural India to ensure the growth of sales of its EVs. To achieve the aim, the company has created a unique business model to attract dealers from various parts of India. Currently, the company has nearly eighty (80) electric three-wheeler dealerships and nearly 125 electric two-wheeler showrooms across the country. Thus, the aim of having at least 500 dealerships represents a desired growth of around 150 per cent.

Announcing the dealership expansion plans, DELTIC CEO Ankit Agarwal stressed that his company would leave no stone unturned to transform the Indian transportation landscape. He also claimed that his company’s products are getting unusual response from the market.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Agarwal said, “We are getting phenomenal response from the market. We already have 200 plus dealerships across length and breadth of India, and we will positively cross 500 touchpoints by this year end.”

The company’s unique business model to attract dealers includes focusing on Tier III and Tier IV cities in addition to rural India. To help finance EVs, the company is working with banks and other lenders. In addition, the company is setting up experience centers with trained manpower to sell its EVs and make purchasers aware of the benefits of EVs. The company’s existing outlets are also located in Tier III, Tier IV cities and rural areas.

DELTIC sells its flagship two-wheeler Drixx which the company claims can deliver a riding range of more than 70 km on a single charge. It has a top speed of 25 km/h. The price of Deltic Drixx starts at Rs. 55,490 (just around 740 US dollars), and goes up to Rs. 80,990 (US$1080). It electric-scooter is available in three variants: Lead Acid, Lithium Ion 26 Ah and the top variant Drixx Lithium Ion 34 Ah.

The company also offers Deltic EZ that comes in only one variant, with a starting price tag of Rs. 52,490 (roughly US$704). It offers a driving range of 60 km and top speed of 25 km/h.

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