Imported Thai sex workers ‘traded, possessed and used for profit’

Imported Thai sex workers ‘traded, possessed and used for profit’Melbourne, Apr 22: At a court hearing in Australia it was revealed that five Thai women, who were imported for the sex industry, were told that they had to service up to 750 clients before they could earn their own money.

Four men, Kam Tin Ho, Ho Kam Ho, Chee Fui Hoo and Slamet Edy Rahardjo, believed to be involved in the racket, are now facing trial in the Victorian Supreme Court.

Crown prosecutor Daniel Gurvich said each of the men had pleaded not guilty to taking part in bringing Thai women to Australia to profit from their willingness to work for minimum rewards in the local sex industry.

The scheme was sophisticated and well planned and the conditions the women were forced to endure were tantamount to slavery, he said.

“They were traded, possessed and used as items of profit, reducing them to the condition of slavery,” News. com. au quoted Gurvich as telling the jury.

He said the women mainly worked at two South Melbourne brothels, were not allowed to go out without company and their passports were taken from them.

Gurvich further revealed that the women were told that before they could earn money to keep themselves, they had to service a certain number of clients to pay off a debt.

The women received 5 dollars from the 125 dollars clients paid for their sexual services and another 50 dollars was deducted from the payment towards their debt.

Gurvich said the women sent money they earned back to their families in Thailand.

The trial before Justice Philip Cummins continues. (ANI)