Image of ‘Plus’ version of Samsung's S6 Edge shown on Twitter

An image of new, ‘Plus’ version of Samsung's S6 Edge handset has been shown on Twitter. It seems that it may have a display between 5.5 and 5.7 inches, however the industrial design is almost the same.

The famous account @OnLeaks, which is also considered reliable, shows the device that is both taller and wider compared to the original S6 Edge. From dimensions released alongside the shot, it seems that it is 154.45 millimeters by 75.80 millimeters and 6.85 millimeters thick.

Some minor changes have been introduced in the larger handset. In this model, the bottom microphone has been swapped to the opposite side, and it appears that the volume buttons are slightly at different position.

According to reports, it will be called the ‘Galaxy S6 Edge Plus’, however Samsung has not yet announced this smartphone. The handset will probably have similar internal technology that has been used in its smaller version. According to some, it may have a six-core Qualcomm processor, in place of the Samsung Exynos chips that have been used in the S6 and S6 Edge.

It is yet unclear when Samsung could officially announce the smartphone, however some say it could make debut in late June.