IGSA unveils Cyber Resiliency Committee to safeguard online customers

IGSA unveils Cyber Resiliency Committee to safeguard online customers

The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA), the foremost authority in shaping technical standards for the gaming industry, has announced plans to create a Cyber Resiliency Committee (CRC) to fortify and safeguard online gaming operations to ensure a secure and seamless gaming experience for one and all.

The formation of the aforementioned committee will receive robust backing from some of the most prominent gaming technology leaders, such as Aristocrat Technologies, AXES.ai and Light & Wonder. Together, these industry frontrunners will work in partnership to establish cutting-edge standards for ensuring the cyber security resilience of casino operators, and their online systems to protect gamers from any kind of cybercrimes.

Earle G. Hall, Chairman of IGSA and Chief executive Officer of AXES.ai, said in a statement that he is very inspired g to see IGSA Platinum and Gold members coming together to address the industry’s cybersecurity issues that are increasing at an alarming rate.

Speaking on the topic, Hall further said, “Our members are clear that cybersecurity has to be a top priority for all gaming suppliers in our industry to protect operators and our industry at large. A sincere thank you to Aristocrat Technologies and Light & Wonder for stepping up to lead this initiative to improve our industry.”

IGSA President Peter DeRaedt confidently asserted that IGSA is answering a vital call to spearhead a collective effort aimed at establishing cyber standards to meet the dire need of fortifying the industry's defences. With unwavering commitment, DeRaedt emphasized that the non-profit association, powered by the excellent leadership exemplified by its Platinum and Gold members, will rise to the occasion to help the industry. The planned dedicated committee will harness the expertise found within the membership ranks, leveraging their shared knowledge to craft actionable, industry-ready cyber resilience standards.

In the gaming industry, the IGSA leads the way in technical standards development. Its primary goal is to empower regulators, operators and suppliers globally with a competitive advantage by nurturing safe and compliant operations through rigorous policies and standards. It claims that it remains committed to elevating the entire gaming ecosystem, ensuring a secure & thriving environment for all stakeholders.

The international, non-profit trade association’s new initiative follows recent cyberattacks on casino operators Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts. The CRC, thus, aims to prevent any such future incidents by enhancing online gaming risk management through the establishment of higher standards for cybersecurity.

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