I-Flex Solutions Buy Call

Technical Analyst VK Sharma has suggested a buy call for technology major I-Flex Solutions. The stock looks attractive at current price and can be bought around 1614 levels with strict stop loss of Rs 1575. This is an intraday call for day traders.

The stock looks technically strong and can easily touch 1650 – 1665 in today’s session. Based on present results, the stock is trading at P/E of 38 with an earning per share of Rs 42.

I-Flex Solutions provide information technology solutions to the financial service industry worldwide. The company has a decent market share and the management is good as well. At National Stock exchange, the stock of I-Flex Solutions has touched 52-week high of Rs 2635 and a low of Rs 1240. As all technology stocks have not been participating in the recent stock market rally due to falling value of dollar, the stock is fairly priced.

As per latest profit and loss account, the company has registered a net profit of Rs 354 crore. The company is also having innovative plans and services for the growth of the company in coming quarters. The stock is good for a long term outlook as well.

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