ICICI Prudential changed its name

Prudential ICICIPrudential ICICI Mutual Fund has been assigned a new name ‘ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund’ w.e.f Monday.

The change in name contemplates the alteration in the shareholding model of ICICI Bank and Prudential Plc in the asset management company (AMC) and the trust company.

The AMC and trust company have also been allotted new names as ‘ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd’ and ‘ICICI Prudential Trust Ltd.’

A company release said the modifications in scheme names would replicate the transformation with the prefix ICICI Prudential coming along earlier than the specific scheme name. But there is no alteration in the work of the board, organization or operations.

The company managing director Pankaj Razdan said, “There are no changes whatsoever in the management, operations or individual roles. Our focus has always been the customer and our actions are always driven by our commitment to maximize customer outcome.”