IBEX Functioning Perfectly, Says NASA

IBEX Functioning Perfectly; Says NASAThe system abroad the IBEX, which was launched yesterday to study and click images of the edge of the solar system, is being remotely tested by the NASA engineers. It is indeed good news for everyone at NASA, that the computer onboard the spacecraft that was released from a Pegasus rocket on Sunday, is already up and functioning efficiently with its batteries fully charged.

Eric Christian, program scientist for NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer program explained, “There are solar cells powering the batteries. The batteries have been topped off already. We're generating more power than it needs at this point.”

According to NASA, IBEX has been launched with the motive to examine the edge of the solar system where the hot solar wind crashes into the cold expanse of space. The images captured by IBEX are expected to help the scientists understand the connection between sun and the Milky Way galaxy.

Christian said, “Right now, the IBEX craft is orbiting about 140,000 miles above the Earth or halfway to the moon.” He further added, “I am pleasantly surprised that the Pegasus rocket pushed the spacecraft into such a high orbit. Generally, the rocket moves orbiters about 600 miles above the Earth.”

With the help of onboard propulsion systems, IBEX will reach its final orbit height of 200,000 miles.