Hyundai’s A-Segment electric cars to use BorgWarner’s integrated Drive Modules

Hyundai’s A-Segment electric cars to use BorgWarner’s integrated Drive Modules

South Korean automobile giant Hyundai Motor’s A-segment electric cars will come equipped with BorgWarner's integrated Drive Module (iDM), the American multinational automotive supplier has announced. The iDM, which includes the electric motor, transmission and integrated power electronics, is responsible for propulsion in an EV. Designed, developed and manufactured as a high-performance system, the iDM to be used in upcoming Hyundai EVs will be the first to combine the technologies of both BorgWarner and Delphi. It may be noted here that BorgWarner completed the acquisition of Delphi Technologies in October 2020.

According to BorgWarner’s claims, the iDM146 operates at 400V and offers a peak power of 135 kW. The manufacturer decreased the overall weight and space of the drive system by integrating the gearbox, a 400V silicon inverter and the motor with a compact 146mm stator outer diameter. The manufacturer also claims that the iDM146 has a scalable & modular inverter design that makes it easily customizable.

Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President & General Manager of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, said in a statement that they had long been a partner with Hyundai, and stressed that he and his team could not be more excited about the new deal.

Commenting on the new deal, Dr. Demmerle added, “We couldn't be more excited about this next step – working on our first electrification project together. I am especially enthusiastic about the fact that this is the first iDM product combining the portfolios of BorgWarner and legacy Delphi Technologies after the acquisition, reaping the benefits of the two organisations.”

Dr. Demmerle further added his company would continue to look for more opportunities to grow and expand its feet in the EV segment.

The Hyundai EVs equipped with BorgWarner's iDM will likely enter the South Korean automobile giant’s production lines sometime in or around the second quarter of 2023. Equipped with the advanced transmission technology, the Hyundai A-segment EVs will offers smoother and more quiet rides, delivering exceptional performance.

NYSE-listed BorgWarner Inc. is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is one of the world’s leading producers of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the fast-growing EV segment of the automobile market. With a large workforce of around 50,000 people worldwide, the iDM producer is operating nearly one hundred manufacturing and technical facilities in more than two dozen countries across the world.

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