Hudgens thanks fans for providing support

Melbourne, Sept 16: Vanessa Hudgens, who was recently caught in a nude-photo scandal, has thanked her fans for their support. 

Hudgens was rained with messages from her fans offering her support after the scandal broke out last week.

The High School Musical star answered the messages on her website and thanked them all for their support.

“Aww thnks. u guys r lovely, thnks for the support. Much love ‘V’,” quoted Hudgens, as writing.

People have posted a site on Facebook against her – an “Anti Vanessa” site.

"This group has been established to spread the word about Vanessa Anne Hudgens indecency. If you aren't aware, nude pictures of her have surfaced on the internet recently. They were confirmed by her publicist to be real. It is also rumoured that they were taken by her as a gift to give to her boyfriend, Zac Efron, for his birthday. What we find the most heinous about all of this is the fact that sees herself as a positive role model for her fans.

In what way is posing nude in pictures a positive impact on children? We are well aware that she is 18 and therefore is legal. That it is her decision on what she does. The sick thing is she works for Disney," Critics wrote.

The embarrassed singer revealed how she is struggling with the pressure on her legitimate Facebook profile. Hudgens selected “crazy,” under the category of “mood”.

After the net was flooded with her nude pics last week, Hudgens refused that she was in the photos, but later she accepted it and apologised to her fans revealing that the photos were "taken privately".

"I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends," Hudgens wrote.

On Sept 14, 2007, the scandal turned worst when photos featuring Hudgens posing with her girlfriends surfaced on the internet.

One photo featured Hudgens cuddling her friend’s breasts and other show her with friends sharing lesbian-like air kisses including stripping in front of the camera. (With Inputs from ANI)