How the Right Mattress Can Impact Your Sleep Quality and Overall Health

How the Right Mattress Can Impact Your Sleep Quality and Overall Health

Sleep quality is important for maintaining good health as we spend nearly 30 percent of our lifetime in sleep. After a long, tiring day, everyone deserves a good rest and a mattress plays an important part in making sure that you have an enjoyable sleep. As per research data, 75 percent of Americans report sleep problems at least once or more per week.

As per a research published by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, both mental and physical processes decline with inadequate sleep. Poor sleep quality is associated with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Certain sleep surfaces have resulted in complaints of low back discomfort, pain, or stiffness and shoulder pain.

Stress and anxiety are major health issues and one major cause for chronic stress is less of sleep or disturbed sleep. After a sound sleep, majority of people feel very relaxed and they can concentrate on their daily work in a much better way. Stress and sleep quality are interrelated which means that if your sleep quality isn’t good, you have high risk of stress. And if you have stressful life, sleep quality will be impacted. While there can be medical reasons for disturbed sleep, one important factor to improve sleep quality is to have the best mattress. For living a healthy life, sound sleep is extremely important. Poor sleep quality has been associated with back pain in several studies.

Majority of high-end hotels carefully choose their mattress from the available best mattresses in the market. Providing a good bed to their customer has been listed as top priority by hotel managers in numerous surveys conducted by travel magazines. Business hotels and expensive hotels cater to high-end clients and they choose their beds and mattresses to offer impeccable quality. Even AirBnB reviews have comfortable bed as one of the major points mentioned by guests.

Markets have been flooded with mattresses of different quality and price but one should be extra careful while choosing the mattress. Buying a mattress should be considered as a long-term investment that pays off by improving your sleep quality and overall health. While snoring is associated with body weight, size of throat & nasal cavities and overall health, selecting the right mattress and pillow, you can also reduce your tendency to snore.

There are many types of mattresses available in the market including memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, water bed mattresses, latex mattresses, water beds and air beds. Memory foam mattresses have gained popularity in the recent years as adjust as per the shape of the body and offer comfortable sleep. Memory foam contours to the body and offers amazing support. They come with several layers of foam don’t sag with time. For this reason, memory foam mattresses don’t require flipping after a few weeks. However, it may be overly optimistic to conclude that one type of mattress fits all individuals because of the range of varied anthropometric characteristics of the human body.


Choose your mattress carefully considering health and long term benefits of high quality mattresses. Depending on the comfort level you require, there are many options available in the market. Majority of mattress sellers have experts for advice. In case you need detailed help in choosing the best suitable mattress, you can also consult a medical expert.

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