‘Honey trap’ killed BPO staffer

‘Honey trap’ killed BPO stafferTraces of poison

Three days after a senior executive of Infosys BPO was found murdered in his Ramaswamypalya house, police now believe that they have enough reasons to suspect the victim’s wife.

Forensic experts, who had conducted a post-mortem examination on Umesh Krishnan, aged 27, have reported that traces of poison were found in his body. This led the police to suspect Honey Mary, who had married Umesh four months ago. Police believe that Umesh might have consumed food laced with poison.

On Wednesday, police brought Honey back to Bangalore from Erode, where she was taken to perform the last rites of her husband. “We will be questioning her to get more information,” police said.

Honey, the suspect

Police said that Umesh might have beendrugged or administered with poison. “The poison or drug might have made him unconscious. This helped the culprit, or culprits, in gagging him with adhesive tapes without facing much resistance,” an investigating officer said on condition of anonymity.

“The initial forensic report has raised several doubts that made us suspect Honey. She gave evasive answers to our questions. Initially we thought she was not in the right frame of mind to narrate the incident in detail. But she seems to be very clever,” the police officer further said.

Doubts galore

The officer did not rule out the possibility of Honey trying to mislead the investigation. “Till now, she has not opened up. We suspect she has been hiding some information, which is crucial to crack the case. Perhaps, she is misleading us,” he said.

Police said they have found many loopholes in her statement. Umesh was with her throughout Sunday, and they had dinner together around 10:30, before

retiring for the day. “If both of them were together throughout the day and had dinner together, how come only Umesh was poisoned,” the police officer wondered.

Awaiting reports

Apparently, Honey will have to explain lot of loopholes police have found in her statement. “There are doubts on how she went to deep sleep within a few seconds. She has said she did not hear any sound when miscreants pushed her husband from the door to bedroom,” the officer said.

The house, where the incident took place, was not ransacked. “Prima facie, it has all the element of a pre-planned murder. We are waiting for the detailed post-mortem report and Forensic Science Laboratory report on tests conducted on Umesh’s blood and viscera,” police said.

Culprit or culprits?

Honey told police that she had heard the doorbell in the wee hours of Monday. She did not respond and went to sleep. When she woke up, she found Umesh gagged and unconscious. She saw the culprits also.

“Only a gold earring weighing four grams was taken away. But her 16-gram chain was untouched,” the officer added.

Since it was early in the morning, Umesh might have peeped through the magic-eye before opening the door. “Though Honey stated that four men had barged into their house, we are yet to find any clues to prove this,” police said.

Santosh Kumar RB/ DNA-Daily News & Analysis Source: 3D Syndication