High mileage, bodywork reasonable, one careless owner

Sydney - The average rental car is sent to auction after 30,000 kilometres.

Australia's Rob Ey, 48, already has 100,000 kilometres on the clock but hopes to be serviceable for many years yet.

"There are guys who are still running marathons in their 70s," said Ey, who ran last month's Canberra Marathon - his 69th - in three hours, 52 minutes.

He began documenting his mileage in 1982 and the magic 100,000 kilometres clicked over during the 42.1-kilometre race around Australia's capital city.

"I haven't set any specific goals like 200,000 kilometres, but there's no reason why I can't have another 20 years left in my legs," he said. "As long as I can remain relatively injury free I would love to keep running as long as I can."

Some people surf the net in their spare time or enjoy cooking elaborate meals. Ey's hobby is pounding the pavements with his Canberra chums.

"Some people who don't run think I'm an absolute maniac," Ey said.

Ey could well get to 200,000 kilometres. He can take his inspiration from the late Ken Matchett who last year completed the last of his 13 Canberra marathons, setting 10 age-group records as he went.

In 2007, Matchett set a new mark in what proved to be his last category: for men over 85. (dpa)

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