Heidi Klum sues party promoter €143,000 for featuring her on flyer

Berlin, Dec 1 : German/American model Heidi Klum has sued party promoter Heinz F. from Chemnitz (Germany), 143,000 euros after he used her face for a party flyer without her permission.

Klum, 35, sued 44-year-old Heinz F.''s company after she saw the printed picture of woman, who reportedly looks like her, on the flyer advertising a dance night at a club and on a website.

The model’s father, who is also her manager, sent Heinz F. a preliminary injunction and a bill and he is now facing a hearing at the district court in Chemnitz.

“If he uses a picture of Heidi it is normal for us to send him a bill. And a warning – we can’t allow just anyone to advertise with Heidi’s face who wants to!” Bild. com quoted Gunther Klum as saying.

“We have asked Mr. F to donate the money to the Bethanien Children’s village in Bergisch Gladbach. If he complies with this then the issue is over,” he added.

But Heinz F. has refuted the claims and told the ‘Chemnitzer Morgenpost’ newspaper that the fuss was over nothing.

“The photo was on the internet without copyright or stipulations,” he told the newspaper.

He has since taken Heidi’s picture off the homepage and the posters, and has stopped the flyer. (ANI)