Harmful Bacteria and Chemicals found in Toothpaste: Health Canada

Neem Active ToothpasteHealth Canada has issued a warning that high levels of harmful bacteria were found in samples of Neem Active Toothpaste which is imported from India. Health Canada had earlier warned about objectionable quantity of a harmful chemical in the toothpaste, which is also found in antifreeze. The chemical diethylene glycol or DEG can have dangerous effects.

Neem Active is produced by Calcutta Chemical Co. Ltd. having its manufacturing facility in India. The warning has stated that ingestion of toothpaste can result in fever, infections of urinary tract and gastrointestinal problems. Health Canada has proposed to stop use of the toothpaste as young children swallow toothpaste while brushing their teeth.

The toothpaste may have worse effect on children and individuals with weak immune systems. Neem Active Toothpaste is not even approved for sale in Canada. There have been many warnings in the past as well as many toothpaste samples were found to be imported from China. It was later found that many of these were counterfeit products.

Many Grocers across Canada have stopped selling the toothpaste after their customers.