Haneef's Wife Appeals To Manmohan For Help

Prime Minister Manmohan SinghBangalore: On Saturday, Mohammed Haneef's wife Firdaus requested to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Defence Minister A K Antony to assist her ‘guiltless husband’ who has been charged with backing up a terrorist group in Australia.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Firdaus ssid, “The Australian authorities cannot do this injustice to her doctor husband, who has been booked for recklessness rather than intention.”

The specific contention against Haneef is that he was irresponsible in providing a SIM card to cousin Kafeel who is criminated of driving a burning vehicle into Glasgow airport.

“I had patience till now because I thought that they will not find anything and they will not charge him without any reason. But I did not know that the Australian police is so stupid and are charging on something so senseless,” she said in an emotionally-choked voice.

“I appeal to our Prime Minister as well as our Defence Minister to help us out of this as everyone knows he is innocent,” she told to the reporters waiting outside their house since early morning when the news about her husband being charged came in.

She asked whether the family was trying to contact Haneef’s lawyer in the light of hearing of Haneef’s bail request being suspended to Monday, she said “we are trying to contact him, but have not been able to. We are trying to do something.”

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