Hairstyle trends going back to the future

Hairstyle trends going back to the futureCologne  - Looks from past decades are providing the inspiration for hairstyle trends in the coming season.

With their elegant styles the '20s and '50s are serving as a model for women's hairstyles this autumn and winter, but lush bangs and luxurious textures reminiscent of the '80s are enjoying a comeback as well, according to the central association of German hairstyle craft in Cologne.

Men may do their hair more casually to follow the trends in the coming seasons. Robert Pattinson from the film Twilight, for example, best represents the slightly rakish just-out-of-bed style.

Hairstylists are using Girls Just Want to Have Fun, borrowed from the '80s pop hit by Cyndi Lauper, as their slogan for the new hairstyles, which are short at the nape and accented with bangs in the front. The hair is cut at the same length from the front of the head, similar to the style Lauper wore. This cut offers many styling possibilities. Hairstylists recommend curling the top and front with a curling iron to create a less meticulous look.

The new curly style is for women who like a bold look. It's inspired by curly towering hairstyles of the 17th century and is achieved by curling long-layered hair with the fingers and then making it firm with a curling iron. The bob, popular in many seasons, is coming back as the short bob. It is the look of the Roaring Twenties with a new look and feel. Longer bangs make it fresher, and hair wax is used to slick it back, turning the retro haircut into a modern Amazon look.

Structured cuts define the hairstyle trend for men. Various lengths create a rich texture, though overall the hair remains a bit longer. Styled loosely back, the cut looks natural and styled wildly, the hair has that famous just-out-of-bed look. (dpa)