Guru Sikh couple contest held for cultural promotion

Punjab-Ludhiana.Ludhiana, March 3 : Ludhiana recently played host to a special contest that aimed at promoting cultural values and revisiting the Punjabi spirit by showcasing how one can enjoy modernism of western culture and still stay linked to his or her culture.

The `Gursikh couple'' contest was a fun-filled and inspirational event for a lot of couples who converged here.

It is well-known that in Punjabi culture, a true Sikh, male or female, is the one who wears a uniform to unify and bind them to their commitment to the true, universal, social and temporal principles defined and amplified by the ten Sikh Gurus.

`Guru Sikh Couple contest'' was just another medium and event to showcase people all around to let the world know who are called `true Sikhs''.

The event was also intended to inspire Sikh youth to follow the principles of Sikhism.

The contest focused at the younger generation and tried to get the message across that they could keep their cultural values intact even while also cherishing modernity in life.

"Our Gurus teach that Sikhism is always modern. We organized this event to teach our young generation. The participants are all religious couples and they showed their talent," said Gurpreet Singh, organiser of the Guru Sikh couple contest.

The contest organized for the first time ever-in India, attracted 170 Sikh couples from different parts of Punjab.

Wearing exquisite traditional and western outfits, the participants walked down the ramp to display the rich Sikh culture.

The participants were enthusiastic, but most found it difficult to reach the final stage of the contest. The jury then chose 10 contestants as the best of the lot.

The objective was to ensure that Sikh youth do not give up traditional values.

"These days, the number of Sikhs getting drawn towards getting a haircut, has increased a lot. If you see in colleges and schools, you will find a number of Sikh students without beard and turban. If the students in schools are asked to wear a turban, they will not wear it but get a hair cut the very next day. So if such programs are organised here from time to time, everybody will be inspired because to participate in this contest, the first condition was that only people who follow Sikhs tradition and do not have any bad habits could participate. So it''s an inspiration for others," said Kurinder Pal Singh, first runner up.

With organization of such an event to promote culture, the Gursikh family took a very significant step. It''s not only promoting Gursikh but also helping in creating a good understanding among the couples.

The event was a colourful one, with the various shades of the Sikh culture displayed in full glory, the participants also tried to send out social messages through theatre.

And some mesages did get through to the audience - like the ones on female foeticide and drug addiction. (ANI)