Google invites testers for Google Glass trial in the US

Google invites testers for Google Glass trial in the USInternet giant, Google has invited a number of beta testers to review its new Google Glass in the US ahead of its possible in the country.

The wearable eyeglass-type computing device is the new and upcoming technology from Google.  The company invited current "Glass Explorers" to encourage their friends to become a Google Glass owner by spending $1,500 for the device. It is believed that the device is with about 10,000 people, including about who 2,000 ordered a pair at the 2012 Google I/O conference several others won the device in tis `ifihadglass' contest.

The email invitations allowed owners to invite one friend for the trials on the condition that the person is atleat 18 years old, living in the US, and able to pick up their Google Glass device in either San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York. Google expects the Google Glass to launch only in 2014.

Some reports suggest that the Google Glass might use Samsung OLED screens for its tiny screen and will be available as a new technological gadget for the customers but some are already predicting its business applications.

Some believe that Google Glass may be suited for business to business solutions and might also make it ways into the enterprise. Google focuses its actions on the consumers and the new gadget will be made for the consumers in the market but its modifications could help it become the next generation devices for business applications.

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