Golfer Norman says Evert has restored his freedom

Golf superstar Greg NormanMelbourne, Mar. 1 : Golf superstar Greg Norman has claimed that former tennis star Chris Evert, whom he married last year, has restored his sense of freedom.

Having provided a 100 million dollar settlement to ex-wife Laura Andrassy, Norman will tell in an interview on Channel Nine's 60 minutes how his ex-wife restricted the friends he was able to keep.

"You know, it''s an amazing thing when a certain amount of burden is taken off your back, a certain amount of freedom is given back to you," the Daily Telegraph quotes Norman, as saying.

He says he has become more relaxed and has settled in his new marriage - a point agreed on by his parents and close friends.

During the course of the interview, the pair reveal how they moved from being admirers of each other''s sporting ability, to becoming friends, confidants and, ultimately, lovers.

When asked whether she was intimidated by the publicity that would surround the nature of their relationship, Evert says love overcomes everything.

"I got to the point where there''s no turning back. Is it scary? No, because there''s just no turning back," she says.

"You''re aware of the consequences and the hurt and everything but, you know, love is a funny thing."

Evert''s three children with American ski champion Andy Mill live with her and Norman in Florida.

In the interview, Norman and Evert deny Andrassy''s veiled suggestions that Norman and Evert were involved in a relationship with each other before their respective marriages had ended.

Now married seven months, Norman and Evert are planning to set up a base in Australia and hope to build a golf and tennis academy here to give young Australian players the chance to achieve success on the world stage.(ANI)