Gogoro introduces new lightweight and affordable e-scooter --- VIVA

Gogoro introduces new lightweight and affordable e-scooter --- VIVA

In Taiwan, electric scooter manufacturer Gogoro Inc. has expanded its product range with the recent introduction of a new ultra-light electric scooter --- the Gogoro VIVA.

The VIVA is an affordable and lightweight electric scooter which weighs only 80 kg, and has basically been designed for city use. The scooter will be available for purchase in Taiwan from October 2019, at a relatively low cost of US $1800.

According to the details released by Gogoro, the VIVA is different from some of the other models because it is equipped with only one swappable battery, rather than two swappable batteries. The scooter has a 3 kW output and 80 km driving range. Its 50 km/h top speed makes it an ideal electric scooter for short and quick trips in urban areas.

The VIVA, despite being a low-priced electric scooter, boasts some notable high-tech features like smartphone connectivity, fingerprint sensors, and advanced facial recognition. The scooter also comes with one-touch unlocking and start capability, thanks to the Gogoro iQ Smart Keycard with NFC connectivity.

In reference to the new VIVA electric scooter, Gogoro founder and CEO Horace Luke said: “VIVA was created to live at the intersection of urban transportation and self-expression and designed to empower a new era of commuters.”

Meanwhile, Gogoro is planning to launch its electric scooters -- including long-range and short-range city scooters -- in international markets from 2020.