Glass of red wine might cure diabetes

red-wineA small glass of red wine might keep adult diabetes under control, scientists stated.

A recent study has claimed that the drink comprises of high concentrations of chemicals that aids in regulation of levels of sugar in the blood.

Just a small glass of red comprised of active ingredients with a daily dose of an anti-diabetic drug, the researchers claimed.

The studies claimed that the effects of wine on people, its authors claim that moderate drinking will be an integral part of a calorie controlled diet could protect against type 2 diabetes.

However, their outcomes were annoying due to the outcomes of Diabetes UK who stated that the teammates are making 'astonishingly bold suggestions' based on 'limited research'.

The charity stated that wine was so high in calories it could spearhead for weight gain - outgrowing any benefits.

Nearly 2.6million people have a medical condition from type 2 diabetes in Britain. The disease originates from the pancreas and is the organ is unable to produce enough insulin - the hormone that regulates blood sugar - or when its insulin does not work properly. It is said that increased levels of sugar in the blood can cause tiredness, heart disease, strokes, blindness, nerve damage and kidney disease.