‘Ghost’ pays second visit to spooked Malay schoolgirls

Kuala Lumpur, Apr 29 : It was certainly a case of spooky return when a ghostly apparition that scared the wits out of some 50 schoolgirls in Langgar, Malaysia on April 26, made a second appearance in the premises yesterday.

Another girls from Forms One to Four of SMK Langgar became frantic after they claimed they saw the apparition in the school canteen at 9.30am.

In an immediate reaction, State Education director Shahidan Abdul Rahman advised those affected by the incidents to stay home.

"We are still investigating the matter and I advise those still disturbed by the incidents to stay home," The New Strait Times Online quoted him as saying.

Nasroh Abdul Rahim, 14, one of the students, who claimed to have seen the ghost, said she fainted after seeing the apparition of a longhaired woman in a flowing white gown hovering in the canteen.

"I screamed and then blacked out after seeing the figure," she said when met at the school.

Nasroh was also one of the 50 girls who became hysterical when the "ghost" appeared the first time.

It was when she, along with other students and a few teachers, were reciting the yassin in the school surau when the "ghost" reappeared.

And her screams made even others to become hysterical.

A bomoh, who was called in by the school to help check the problem, claimed that he had caught a blurred image of the "ghost" on his handphone. (ANI)