German teen sells virginity for £9,000 to highest online bidder

German teen sells virginity for £9,000 to highest online bidderLondon, Apr 24: German teen Alina Percea’s virginity has finally been auctioned off online at 9,000 pounds on April 23 to an unnamed Italian man.

Percea, 18, who has been running the sale on German erotic website gesext. de, for the past month, plans on using the cash to go to university and to help her poor family back home in Caracal, Romania

“It was very exciting. I thought the money would go higher, but I''m happy. I''ve got to do this to pay for my studies, so I can work and help my family in Romania,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“I haven''t had chance to talk to the winner yet. He was a new bidder, who appeared right at the end. I emailed him to congratulate him and now I''m hoping to speak to him in the next few days to find out more about him.

“I don''t know his age yet, or what he does for a living. I just hope he''s pleasant and kind and then I''m sure things will go well,” she added. (ANI)