German bicycle brand Ca Go releases CUV E-Bike CS

German bicycle brand Ca Go releases CUV E-Bike CS

German bicycle brand Ca Go recently announced the release of its latest product: the CUV E-Bike CS, a fascinating new electric bicycle (e-bike) that has specifically been designed & developed to offer a compact solution for heavyweight cargo. The CUV E-Bike CS is not only compact but also light in weight, which makes it easy for the rider to ride and handle it. It has three cargo bays – one at the front, one at the back, and one at the centre. The largest cargo bay is at the centre, which contributes to a low centre of gravity, stability and ease of use.

The Ca Go CUV E-Bike CS offers a maximum payload capacity of 145 kilograms (approx. 319.6 pounds). Its front rack can carry things weighing up to 18 kilograms, while the rear and centre racks can carry things weighing up to 27 kilograms and 30 kilograms, respectively. The weight of the unloaded e-bike is just 35 kilograms, while it can easily handle riders’ weighting approx. 70 kilograms.

One more interesting thing about the Ca Go CUV E-Bike CS is that it occupies less space than a conventional cargo bike, thanks to its compact 204-cm dimensions.

The new utility-focused e-bike’s SR Suntour Cargo Moby 34 suspension fork promises extra comfort. Its 20-inch wheels come fitted with Schwalbe-branded wide cargo-specific tires, which provide stability as well as traction. For stopping power, the e-bike has been fitted with powerful Magura hydraulic disc brakes.

A plenty of optional luggage accessories are also available for the new personal mobility solution, including a child seat which can be attached to the bike’s rear rack. In addition, the e-bike has some compatible attachments, which allows it to tug a trailer if desired.

When it comes to performance, Ca Go used one of the most established systems for the new e-bike. The Bosch Cargo Line Smart System delivers 85 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque, which is enough even to climb hilly terrains. The e-motor comes powered by a Bosch-branded 545-watt-hour (Wh) battery pack, which provides sufficient range for daily commuters. For those who want additional range can opt for a 725-Wh battery pack. The company claims that riders can enjoy long rides without being concerned about running out of power.

Ca Go is offering the CUV E-Bike CS in three versions, viz. the CS 100, CS 150, and the CS 200, which comes with price tag of €5,590 (approx. $6,040), €5,990 ($6,450), and €6,490 ($7,000), respectively.

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