Caffeine Link To Underweight Babies

Caffeine Link To Underweight BabiesJust days after scientists contradicted the Government's advice to mothers about not drinking, saying light drinking during pregnancy makes children more intelligent and better behaved, a study to be published in the British Medical Journal, finds pregnant women who drink more than two cups of coffee or caffeine intake of more than 200mg a day, are at risk of giving birth to dangerously underweight or smaller babies.

London Drum Maker Dead From Anthrax Inhalation

London Drum Maker Dead From Anthrax InhalationFernando Gomez, 35, a resident of east London and a drum maker by profession, who had been admitted in Homerton University Hospital after falling ill from inhaling anthrax spores while handling imported animal skins at his workshop, has died after more than a week in intensive care unit.

$4.4 billion Hetch Hetchy upgrade approved

$4.4 billion Hetch Hetchy upgrade approvedA $4.4 billion upgrade program has been approved by the San Francisco officials to safeguard the Hetch Hetchy, the Bay Area's largest drinking water system from drought or a catastrophic earthquake.

Both San Francisco's planning and public utilities commissions, despite opposition from some environmental groups have approved the upgrade though they have put off plans to divert more water from the Tuolumne River for another decade.

Consumer Group calls for ban on Avandia, GlaxoSmithKline’s Diabetes Drug

GlaxoSmithKlineGlaxoSmithKline P. L. C.'s drug Avandia is facing flak for causing more than one dozen cases of liver failure and death in patients taking the drug according to a consumer advocacy group Public Citizen.

Extra Sleep Could Save Your Ticker

Extra Sleep Could Save Your TickerA study by Swedish researchers has found that the extra hour of sleep that the daylight savings time gives could prevent some people from having a heart attack. The research based on heart attacks in Sweden found that lack of sufficient sleep could adversely affect cardiovascular health and may even result in an increased likelihood of having a heart attack.

eGoM to lift ban on premium non-basmati export

eGoM to lift ban on premium non-basmati export