Obama joins Chicago Olympic bid as Rogge warns of finances

Obama joins Chicago Olympic bid as Rogge warns of finances Istanbul/Washington  - US president-elect Barack Obama threw his weight behind Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics, recording a video message for organizers meeting in Turkey on Friday.

Obama promised his incoming administration "will bring a fresh perspective on America's role and responsibilities around the world" and praised the Olympic movement for its ability to bring the global community together.

Legendary rockers to form supergroup for 2012 Olympics

London 2012 OlympicsLondon, October 27: Veteran rockers are set to come together to form a supergroup to raise the curtain for the 2012 Olympic games in London.

Legendary rock stars, such as the 61-year-old David Bowie and ‘Led Zepplin’s 64-year-old Jimmy Page, might be heard making some noise at the opening ceremony.

Though ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, 66, and Ringo Starr, 68, are suspected to be long shots, legends like Van Morrison, 63, Phil Collins, 57, Elton John, 61, and Sting, 57 may be expected to take the stage.

Olympic medal winners get a rousing welcome

The Olympic medal winners have returned home after completion of the games. They got a warm welcome from various sports federations, government officials and common public. India’s bronze medal winners Sushil Kumar and boxer Vijender Singh were very delighted to come back in their homeland with Olympic medal.

Both wrestler Sushil Kumar and boxer Vijender Singh met President Pratibha Patil, Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Dr. Singh greeted them on their splendid achievement and promised all sorts of help for the sportsmen.

Bolt Celebrates After Giving Other Sprinters A Jolt

Bolt Celebrates After Giving Other Sprinters A Jolt After doing his bit in leading Jamaica to victory in 4x100 meters relay, Bolt stopped off at the 100m start-line on his victory lap and performed a forward roll over it. He did this right next to where the Australian, Steve Hooker, was preparing himself for a crucial jump-off in the pole vault. While Hooker took the Jamaican’s expression of jubilation in good spirits, the president of the International Olympic Committee did not seem to be very pleased with Bolt’s antics. He suggested earlier this week that Usain Bolt would do well in restraining his triumphal celebrations.    

Jitender and Vijender Kumar enter quarterfinals

Jitender and Vijender Kumar enter quarterfinalsAfter First Ever Individual Gold medal won by Abhinav Bindra, Indians can be proud for the Indian boxers, Vijendra Kumar and Jitender Kumar. Both the boxers have landed in the quarterfinals for their respective categories. On Saturday, both of the tough fighters displayed a flawless performance at the Worker’s Gymnasium in Beijing.

It seems that the ambitious Indian boxers will live up to their promise to get the medal in the Olympics.
On Friday, Akhil Kumar advanced to the quarterfinals, and all he needs to get the medal is to win one more game.

Hijab-clad women Olympians attempt to break away from Muslim stereotypes

Hijab-clad women Olympians attempt to break away from Muslim stereotypesMelbourne, Aug 11 : The ongoing Olympic Games will see a large number of veiled female athletes from various Muslim nations competing for events like sprinting, rowing, taekwondo and archery.

Most of these athletes have got themselves specially tailored aerodynamic veils, which expose only their face and hands.

All these veiled athletes are determined to avoid offending devout Muslims back home, as well as showing skimpily dressed rivals there is nothing constricting about wearing "hijab".