New Zealand backs down on copyright law

New Zealand backs down on copyright lawWellington - The New Zealand cabinet on Monday abandoned a controversial new copyright law, which was widely condemned overseas, and decided to go back to the drawing board.

Prime Minister John Key told reporters that the law, designed to counter illegal downloading of films and music on the internet, was unworkable in its present form.

It was originally to have come into effect on February 27 but the government postponed it for a month to allow representatives of New Zealand's recording industry and internet service providers to negotiate a compromise agreement.

Court to hear CBI petition for custody of Satyam's Raju, four others

Court to hear CBI petition for custody of Satyam's Raju, four othersHyderabad, March 19: A Hyderabad City Court on Thursday, will hear a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) petition that seeks two more days of custody of former Satyam Computers Chairman Ramalinga Raju and four other accused.

The CBI had requested custody for another two days on Tuesday after keeping all five in custody for seven days from March 10.

Besides Raju and his brother Rama Raju, the CBI is seeking to quiz the company''s former Chief Financial Officer

Hong Kong policeman jailed for two years for mugging woman

Hong Kong - A Hong Kong policeman on Thursday began a 28-month jail term for mugging a woman to get money to clear his gambling debts.

Leung Wai-hung, 44, snatched a 53-year-old woman's handbag in July, then kicked her as she lay on the ground as he tried to get money to pay off gambling debts of more than 50,000 US dollars.

Bizarrely, Leung is the third police officer in his family to be arrested for a serious crime, according to evidence presented Wednesday at his sentencing hearing in Hong Kong's District Court.

Leung's father, a former sergeant, was charged with murder after fatally shooting his chief inspector in 1994 but was acquitted after claiming the gun went off accidentally.

Court to discuss prosecutorial ‘misconduct’ in Anand Jon’s case

Court to discuss prosecutorial ‘misconduct’ in Anand Jon’s caseLos Angeles, Mar 17: The upcoming hearing in Indian-born fashion designer Anand Jon case is expected to address alleged prosecutorial and juror misconduct.

According to statements made in court by Jon’s defense team, prosecutors defied a court order and intercepted a juror.

Jon’s attorneys Leonard Levine and Ronald Richards have alleged that prosecutors stopped a juror who reportedly tried to meet with the Indian fashion designer’s sister before a judgment was passed, reports IndiaPost. com.

SC issues notice to Himachal, Andhra Govt. on ragging cases

SC issues notice to Himachal, Andhra Govt. on ragging casesNew Delhi, Mar 16: The Supreme Court on Monday issued notices to the Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh Government, on the death of first-year medical science student Aman Kachroo due to ragging, and an attempt-to-suicide case after a female student of Bapatla Agricultural and Engineering College was allegedly forced to dance nude by seniors.

The Court has asked the chief secretaries of the two states to file affidavits on the action they have taken to implement the anti-ragging measures ordered by the court in the last two years.

Sharia courts in other areas of province soon, says NWFP information minister

Sharia courts in other areas of province soon, says NWFP information ministerMingora (Pakistan), Mar. 16: The North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Government has announced plans to establish ‘sharia’ courts in other parts of the province.

The provincial Information Minister, Iftikhar Hussain said qazis would be appointed in other areas soon, once their appointments in the Swat region is completed.

Hussain also asked Swat Education Board officials to refund the examination fees of students in the Swat Valley.