'Globally loved' Obama is 'enemy of Muslims' for Pak college students

'Globally loved' Obama is 'enemy of Muslims' for Pak college studentsLahore, Oct 22 : Students in Pakistan’s top universities in Lahore are of the opinion that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is ‘too aggressive’, ‘irresponsible’ and an ‘enemy of Muslims’. They said that his declared policy toward insurgency-plagued areas would “make a bad situation worse”, said a report in the Washington Times.

Obama has often repeated in his election campaign that he would authorise US forces to enter Pakistani territory to hunt down the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Small African traders not immune from global crisis

Nairobi - It has been a tough year for Peter Kinywa, a trader in one of Nairobi's touristy Masai markets.

Business has plummeted as tourists stay away from Kenya following the bloody post-election chaos early this year, and soaring food and fuel prices have put more pressure on his dwindling budget.

Yet the misery looks set to continue for Peter, 45, and others like him as the effects of the global credit crisis begin to trickle also into Africa.

Africa's economy has so far remained relatively unscathed by the global financial meltdown, largely due to its limited exposure to global markets.

But Africa's economies are not immune, only isolated, and Kinywa says he is already beginning to feel the pinch.

Gamma Waves in infants’ brains key to cognitive and language development

Washington, October 22 : Scientists at Rutgers University in Newark say that gamma wave activity in the brains of infants may be the key to the development of cognitive and language abilities during the first 36 months of life.

“Research into the adult brain has shown that gamma activity is the ‘glue’ that binds together perceptions, thoughts and memories. Little research, however, has been conducted into the development of gamma activity in the infant brain and its possible connection to cognitive and language skills,” says study leader April Benasich, a professor of neuroscience.

Plans To Delay Motorola's Navel Gazing Android Revealed

Plans To Delay Motorola's Navel Gazing Android Revealed Bad news for all those who had been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the first Motorola Android-based phone, as its launch has been delayed. Reportedly, US markets would be deprived of Motorola’s Android-based phone at least till the second quarter of 2009. Europe’s wait will even continue for longer as there it will arrive in the Q3 of the next year. However, in a move to compensate, Motorola is going for a novelty twofer.

C V Sridhar Leaves His Legacy Behind

C V Sridhar Leaves His Legacy BehindIt’s a big loss to the Tamil Film Industry, famous film maker CV Sridhar who was 73 years old died at Chennai Malar Hospital, where he was admitted last week on being fallen seriously ill. It was reported that the film maker suffered a stroke few years back.

Shadow minister apologizes for remarks about migrant workers

Wellington - The man who could be New Zealand's next immigration minister was dubbed racist on Wednesday for remarks about Asian and Pacific island migrant workers in the country's orchards and vineyards.

Lockwood Smith, immigration spokesman for the opposition conservative National Party, which is favoured in next month's general election, said that Asian workers were more productive "because their hands are smaller" and Pacific islanders had to be taught how to use toilets and showers.

Smith, who was campaigning Tuesday in the vineyard and fruit- producing province of Marlborough, issued a statement regretting that his comments had caused offence but claiming he was reported out of context.