Gammon India Fined 10% of Project Cost for Flyover Collapse

New Delhi: The research team on the flyover collapse in Hyderabad has given a clean chit to Gammon India. The report stated that heavy rains were the main reason for the collapse.

But it added that Gammon had not taken enough care, regardless of facts and skill.

Gammon India has been penalized 10% of the entire project cost.

The report told that the collapse was because of soil erosion caused by digging of trenches by the water board, for which action should be taken against the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation or GHMC.

But Gammon will have to bear cost of damages caused by the collapse to individuals.

Gammon had earlier said that it’s because of a water pipeline being drawn in the same area by the water supply board that led to the loosening of soil and hence, the collapse.

However, the Hyderabad government was not happy with the quality of construction and suspected Gammon had sub-contracted it.

Nearly 30 people were dead and another 20 injured after an under-construction flyover collapsed in Hyderabad's busy Panajagutta area on September 9.

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