Gaming Industry contributes $329B in economic output & sustains 1.8M jobs: AGA report

Gaming Industry contributes $329B in economic output & sustains 1.8M jobs: AGA report

The domestic casino gaming industry emerged as a powerhouse last year as it generated nearly $329 billion in economic activity and supported nearly two million jobs, according to a new study by the American Gaming Association (AGA). In its wide-ranging analysis of the casino industry's impact on the US economy since the year of 2018, the AGA reported that this industry made a significant contribution of $328.6 billion to the national economy in 2022. Additionally, the domestic casinos supported 1.8 million jobs across the nation. When we take the amount of $13.5 billion generated from direct gaming excises into consideration, the industry’s contribution to the federal, local and state exchequers totals at $53 billion.

The gaming industry obviously serves as a key source of employment in the North American nation, with 700,000 people directly hired by it. This figure encompasses numerous sectors, with approximately 600,000 jobs within casinos and corporate offices, slightly more than 23,000 jobs at U.S.-based operations of gaming manufacturers, and nearly 89,000 roles within businesses that provide goods & services to casino patrons during their visits to gambling & entertainment properties.

The AGA report states, “Of the 709K people directly employed by casinos, that figure includes almost 597,000 jobs on-site at casinos and corporate offices, almost 89,000 jobs at businesses serving casino patrons during casino trips or involved in casino construction and renovations, and more than 23,000 jobs at gaming equipment manufacturers.”

Direct casino employment, however, accounts for just one out of every 33 jobs in the travel & leisure business in the country. Remarkably, the gaming industry provides work to more people than several other well-known sectors, including Hollywood film industry, air transportation, and the U.S. Postal Service. Thus, the gaming sector has a great significance as a major job creator in the national economy.

The aforementioned status of gaming as a job creator applies to both commercial and tribal gaming enterprises. In the previous year, commercial casinos gave employment to as many as 332,000 individuals, with a combined compensation of around $16.3 billion, encompassing salaries, tips and other benefits. Tribal gaming properties, on the other hand, gave employment to nearly 256,000 individuals who collectively earned $8 billion in pays and perks.

Anticipations are high that domestic casinos will continue to grow, achieving a record-breaking win from their customers this year as well.

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