The Future of Data Science: What does it Looks Like

The Future of Data Science: What does it Looks Like

Blog Brief: Introduction (Data Science is one of the hottest career choices in 2020) 1. More powerful abstractions, 2. Solve The problem of messy data, 3. Birth of domain-specific data science degrees, 4. One step forward towards holy grail of customer support, Conclusion

Data Scientist is a buzzworthy career, in fact, the hottest career choice in 2020. Every professional wants to be one, every company wants to hire one! In the last decade, the world has seen an immense growth in the volume of information generated, saved and processed by companies. All this data analysis leads to effective decision making that helps organizations grow and become profitable. Companies have started to rely on data for even the smallest decisions they make...and this has led to a demand in data scientist jobs. In this article, we will cover everything about the future of data science by showcasing the impact it is making. We will also tell you how online learning from data science courses can help jumpstart your career in this field.

The Future Of Data Science

What does the present look like?

As you may be aware, data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. The field is related to data mining, machine learning and many new transformative technologies that are shaping our world. And while data science is only a quantitative way to deal with company decision making, data scientists also depend on industry knowledge to aid decision making. Since the start of the century, data scientists have been building systems that can talk, foresee, envision and give real outcomes.
“Data Science is Transforming Businesses Worldwide”

Let’s see how?

Data scientists have impacted almost every industry. In the field of medical sciences, they can help predict the side effects in patients. In sports, they can foresee the winning team. Data scientists are the ones behind route optimization in google maps and even sometimes the ones that push you to a product online. Let’s see some interesting examples of applications in real life world:

● Identifying and predicting diseases : Early detection saves lives, especially in the case of diseases like cancer. Doctors in cancer speciality hospitals use years’ worth of data on diagnoses, treatment plans, outcomes and side effects from thousands of patients and their cancer records. Based on this data, they can predict and suggest personalized treatments to help prevent the disease in their patients.
● Optimizing Amazon’s shipping routes in real-time : e-commerce shipping giants like Amazon swear by data. They optimize package transport from drop-off to delivery using machine-learning & AI. They crack the logistics puzzles by answering questions like “how packages should be routed around bad weather” or “which date of delivery to suggest if there aren’t enough orders for a particular location”. Without the optimum use of data, Amazon could end up spending $100 to $200 million more on its shipping expenses.
Other actions like automating digital ad placement, making algorithms that can help you find love (hello Tinder!) and predicting frauds in banks are some super powers that Data Scientists have.

The Future?

The impact that data is creating in these fields surely seems huge, and as you may have realized, nothing even comes close. Even doctors who have an understanding of the human body rely so heavily on data. The future of any career in the field of data is bright and auspicious, and this will continue to happen for the next few decades. So when you sign up for any online data science courses, be assured that you will be in demand for a long time.

Data Scientist Jobs

As a data scientist, you will
● Collect data through various sources in order to find actionable insights
● Transfer data into the right format to make it more appropriate for analysis
● Create new, experimental frameworks to collect data
● Search through large data sets for relevant information
● Analyze information by using machine learning algorithms
● Present relevant information by creating reports
● Correlate similar data to find actionable results
This role can be found in abundance on any job portal, let’s see what kind of qualifications one needs to be a data scientist in 2021.
● Coding/ knowledge of working on programming languages like SQL, Python
● A good knowhow of Tableau, Power BI & other visualization tools
● Strong mathematics skills with a knowledge of statistics
● An ability to perform exploratory data analysis
● Ability to communicate complex data in a simple, actionable way
● Experience with machine learning & AI
● Ability to work independently & with members from different backgrounds
● Most importantly, an excellent attention to detail

Online data science courses like Springboard cover all the essential skills and qualifications to make you ready for a data science career.


How Online Learning Can Help

Online learning programs can give you the jumpstart you need, into this field. Courses that offer you control over your own learning are being preferred by professionals. It helps them learn at their own pace. But what goes missing in most of theo online learning platforms is the presence of a mentor/ assistant who can guide you through this journey. At Springboard, we make this learning highly collaborative and fun. More engaging multimedia content, greater access to mentors/ teaching assistants, and fellow classmates help improve the learning experience.

`When you pick a course to pursue, make sure you check if the course offers practical knowledge implementation of your learnings in the form of real life capstone projects. In Springboards online data science courses, you get a chance to practice your learnings to 2 capstone projects on real life datasets of your choice! Excited, aren’t you? All you need to do now is reach out to us at Springboard and join like minded professionals like you on a new expedition to learn data science. Get … Set … Launch!

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