French winemaker creates "vintage Obama"

French winemaker creates "vintage Obama" Paris  - Thrilled by Barack Obama's election as US president, a French winemaker has created a red wine and named it after him, the daily Le Monde reported Wednesday.

Made from three different grapes, the Cuvee (or vintage) Obama is a wine that will only grow better over time, Angela Bousquet-Kaita, the owner of the Domaine Saint-Antoine vineyard in southern France told the newspaper.

"It will be much better served during his second term," she said.

A native of Guinea-Conakry, the 41-year-old Bousquet-Kaita said she believes she is the only black female wine maker in the entire country.

For her, Obama's election was "a moment of ecstasy" and "the advent of a world about which I have always dreamed for my children."

But business is business, and Bousquet-Kaita is selling the Cuvee Obama at the relatively steep price of 150 euros (198 dollars) for three bottles.

She says that all profits from the wine will be donated to an NGO working in Darfur.

And, she adds, "A box of good Obama wine is still more prestigious than a t-shirt." (dpa)