Buzzing Stocks

Stocks which are making the news, have higher volumes or those touching the circuit limits.

Ranbaxy Labs is still looking strong

Pharmaceutical Major Ranbaxy Labs has been showing good amount of strength for past many trading sessions. The stock is looking good for long term investment.

I was recently watching an interview on CNBC TV-18 and three technical analysts suggested a buy call for Ranbaxy.

The stock has may soon touch Rs 500. The markets are volatile, but some stocks are good if investors have a plan to hold them for short term. 

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Some Stocks worth investing in 2008

There are some stocks which are looking good for a long term investment. I am not a stock market expert, so I will be happy to get view of other members on this website as well. Please do add your comments if you think I am wrong or right.

1. IDBI - The stock is looking good at current levels after the recent drop in stock markets. I will suggest a buy at current levels for a long term target of Rs. 180

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Reliance Money offers lowest brokerage for Day Traders

Reliance Money (owned by Reliance Capital) is offering lowest brokerage for trading in stock markets in India. The company is offering a value package under which one can do trading at very low cost. Reliance is also offering demat, insurance and mutual fund services. Reliance money has different options for Beginner, Moderate Traders and Heavy Traders. A single window for Banking, Trading and Demat Account. The clients can easily transfer funds across accounts.

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Adhunik Metalik looks strong

Adhunik Metalik has gained a lot in recent trading sessions. The near term target for the stock is 125 as per insider reports. I had a talk with many friends and they have suggested that stock may see an upward movement of nearly 20 - 25 % in coming two - three weeks.

The stock has crossed 100 level and is looking quite strong. Investment in Adhunik Metalik at the moment can give handsome returns.

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Indian Stock Markets will remain strong

Indian Stock markets may be strong on Monday as RBI may cut interest rates very soon. Lower rate of interest will be a good news for market. The FM has told RBI to decrease the interest rates.

US Fed reduced interest rates recently and Analysts in US are expecting FED to cut rate once more. This may lead to more investment in Indian Stock market.

Some technical houses are also telling that Indian market may soon touch 20000 levels.

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Mangalam Timber Products Touches 52 Week High

Mangalam Timber Products has Touched 52 Week High today. The stock was up by Rs 2.65 and ended 10% higher today. The total volume on NSE and BSE was 7 lakh shares.

I have heard that the stock is a good turn around story. Anyone having any clue about this company ?

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