Foreign Wrestlers Agitate After Event Cancellation, Attack Journalists

Ludhiana: Wrestlers treated violently with the media persons on Thursday, on cancellation of the wrestling competition destined for October 28, 2007 in Ludhiana.

When the competition got cancelled owing to some technical problem, the wrestlers do not control their anger and start beating journalists.

The Canadian company, Universal Wrestling Stars Inc. (UWSI), had recently made the announcement of an international wrestling championship ‘India vs. Rest of the World - War of Legends’ at Patiala plus the scheduled venues of Ludhiana and Jalandhar.

More than a dozen wrestlers from different countries had come to participate in the competition including the unbeatable 'The Giant', the wild Killer Pane, Mountain of a Man Yokozuna, the Ultimate Fighting Champion Wolfgang, the 'King of the Old School' Steve Corino, pure Muscleman Nikita and the "Stunning" Jerry Lynn.

Niketa, a Russian wrestler said, “This is not a joke, we have taken over 16 hours flights to reach here and the event has been cancelled. I am here to kill somebody, who wants to die today? You ugly people, I am here to kill somebody. You chicken Indians, come fight with me,”

A few other foreign wrestlers also showed furiousness and then Nikita threw a table on the journalists, who were sitting in front of them.

Chaos enveloped the scene as reporters started running helter-skelter. Some hurt themselves while running and some lost their mobile phones. Electronic media reporters found their equipments damaged.

Tiger Jeet Singh, NRI wrestler afterward felt sorry for the whole dramatic episode of the foreign wrestlers.

“Some technical problems led us to take the extreme steps of postponement of the events, a spokesperson said, adding "that those who had purchased the tickets for the event would get their money back.”

Afterward, journalists registered a complaint against the foreigner wrestlers in a local police station.

RK Jaiswal, Ludhiana’s police chief said, “We are examining the matter. We think the matter will be settled mutually. However, if the mediapersons want, we will go ahead and register a case.”