Fidel Castro tweaks "contradictions" of G20 summit

Fidel Castro tweaks "contradictions" of G20 summit Havana  - Cuba's retired leader Fidel Castro Wednesday showed a flash of his former outspoken self, writing that this week's G20 summit in London reflects deep conflicts and yet holds the welfare of the world's workers in its hands.

The article, published in Cuban state media, also stressed the importance of the summit for the world.

"The great economic and ideological contradictions that characterize today's complex world, in a deep crisis, will be present at this meeting," Castro said of the gathering that is formally set to take place Thursday.

The elderly traditional leader of communist Cuba - who formally stepped down from power last year - noted that this will be a limited gathering.

"Only the representatives of the 20 largest economies in the world will be present," he wrote. "However, among these there are deep contradictions, both within western countries themselves and between these and emerging countries, which are fighting the battle against the financial crisis and for their right to development."

Castro, 82, who formally handed over the Cuban leadership to his brother Raul in February 2008 after a rule of almost half-a-century, noted in his article that "the future of millions of workers in the world will depend" on the results of the G20 summit. (dpa)

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