Fergie could reprise John Wayne on screen

Fergie could reprise John Wayne on screenLondon, Mar. 6 : Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson has agreed to have a film made of his own career.

That''s the view of former Man United great Brian McClair.

And having played under Ferguson for 11 years and now working alongside him as United's Academy Director, `Choccie' should know better than most.

McClair who also works as a spokesman for football management game, Championship Manager, said: `He's really into his films. I think it would depend on who they get to play him. I reckon he would like John Wayne up there on the screen in the role."

As far as Kevin Keegan is concerned, McClair said he could fit the role of comedian Alan Davies. It's all about the permed locks but probably not even Jonathan Creek could solve the mystery of Newcastle United. A comedian by trade, Davies has never written anything nearly as amusing as one of Keegan's tirades.

Guus Hiddink, Chelsea's current coach, should be in the mould of Charles Bronson -- super cool and getting themselves into sticky situations.

Liverpool's Rafa Benitez fits the role of Andrew Sachs to a tee.

Sacked Chelsea boss Phil Scolari should be viewed as Gene Hackman, while Inter-Milan's Jose Mourinho should fit the bill of George Clooney i. e. dodgy performances in B-movies or continental B-teams, but possessing smouldering good looks. (ANI)